February 11, 2017: MTC Roller Coaster

So today is my Pday, sort of. We still have our classes and I still have to wear a skirt but I don't have exercise time, and somehow I am supposed to get all my laundry done and pack today and teach a lesson and write a talk for tomorrow all in one day. I don't know how I'm supposed to do it all, but I'm sure it will work out. It won't show me what pictures I am attaching so I hope they are relevant and are the pictures of me and my Comp sister Fischer and the other two roommates in our district Sister Coleman and Sister Pertab. I honestly didn't want to write my emails right now because as sister Schaffermyer calls it I'm on the "MTC roller coaster, crap part." I mean normally its super fun and I skip to class and love my district but today I'm just not having it. I am struggling with the fact that someone has to go everywhere with me because I really like to do things on my own. This isn't the email I wanted to be sending you, I wanted to write you after we taught our lesson to our investigator today and so I could write you when I was on a spiritual high on top of the MTC roller coaster. But Sister Fischer wanted to do it now so this is why you are getting a pity party email. I miss you and want to hear from y'all. We get to check our emails everyday so if you send me an email I can read it tomorrow and I think I'll get to email on Tuesday when I make it to Brazil and possibly at the airport on Monday. I just need to sleep, which I can't really do because there are snorers and it's loud in my room. I can't sleep even though I take TWO melatonin at night but whatever. Elder Bishop is an elder in my district and he gets mad at me every time I say whatever, but don't worry I get back at him plenty. 

Portuguese...... well I thought I was figuring it out and was honestly the second best in the class, and then as it turns out... I've been praying to the "Celestial Sink" so.. that sucked. When you start a prayer you're supposed to say dear heavenly father, well in Portuges it is "qeurido Pia Celestial" I had been saying "qeurido Pai Celestial" which meant Dear Heavenly Sink. Or if you say "Qeurido Pia celestial" and you put on accent on the A in pia you're saying "Dear Heavenly Lame" So yeah. It sucks. Our teacher was helping Sister Fischer on our lesson and saw the mistake and started laughing, we saw the mistake and started laughing too, but then Sister Fischer was laughing so hard that she was crying, but get this, She refuses to pray in Portuguese and is going to try and make me do it for our lesson but guess what. She can't make me. I'm better out of the two of us at Portuguese just because I punt it in Spanish and some things transfer over way easy in Spanish so I know more than I think I do and I'm able to help out the class a lot because we don't have teachers a lot so its just me and Elder Bishop a lot working together with the district in study time. Also, I just heard my teacher talking in the hall with a different class. He told them my story about praying to the celestial sink. they all laughed too, but hey lets look at the bright side I could understand the whole story in Portuguese so that's good right? Ugh I hate that this email is a pity Party email but I've gotta let it out! Parker said to not hold things in but how am I supposed to complain to people about my comp when she is everywhere?!?!?!?!?! Ugh I just love and miss you all! I'm sending you a letter tomorrow with all my stamps in there so that you can use them, I sure wont get to use them! I am so excited to fly but am a little annoyed that I will be sitting next to my comp for a whole day straight! I really do love it here, despite what this email says! You guys are just happening to catch me at a bad time, so sorry about that! But I love you all so much, I pray for you everyday, granted for the last two days I have been praying about you to a sink but it's all good. God knows my heart, which sometimes isn't good because on days like today my heart is a little to full of pride and stuck-upness…. Oh well. I'm not supposed to be perfect am I? I love you so so much!
love ya 

Sister Garside


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