February 14, 2017: ARRIVED in BRAZIL

Okay so this has been such a crazy few days!!! Our flight to Brazil got delayed for two hours while they unloaded and reloaded the baggage a few billion times! It was so crazy, traveling was really fun for the first few hours. In the Utah airport everyone kept coming up to us  and asking about our missions and some people even bought us breakfast, we all sat in different parts of the plane on our way to Texas so we all got to share the gospel but then we got to Texas and were just sooo tired and Hungry so we ate and called ya´ll. And thats basically why I was sobbing on the phone because I was so tired and so happy to hear your voice. Then we got on the plane and sat there and sat there for two hours like I said, and flew here! Ugh, It was such a long flight I wanted to die and curl up in a ball! So I don’t really have time to read all your emails, because the flight was so late we are just running around this crazy building. Which leads me to my next thing IT IS SOOOOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO HOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Like we got off the plane and I started sweating and haven’t even stopped so thats freaking nasty! But its really beautiful! It reminds me soo much of Cape Verde but everything here is green! and Wet! The told us that our P-day is Friday so I won´t get to email again until next week which is no todo bang but whatever! My district is going to stay together but we´ll be merging with another district! So everyone in Provo kept telling us that this place is so different from Provo, but they didn’t really say how. Well let me tell ya, it looks like a ligit prison and the food is SOOOO GOOD!!!!! But also, we have to be super careful with our possessions. Some missionaries show up here with a gym bag, and the clothes on their back and that is it. So we have to lock it all up. It’s super humbling to be here. I may or may not pull an Africa and leave all of my clothes here when I am done because let’s be real, I brought a little bit too much stuff. All the elders were joking and said that the delayed plane was because of the weight of my shoes.The other thing is that we are not allowed to send you any pictures while we are in here, putting in cameras and flashdrives slow down the computer system. So expect a slew of pictures in just a couple weeks. They told us that we would be leaving here on March 20.Oh I´m in a Tri with Fischer and Pertab. I gotta go. 
Sister Garside


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