February 24, 2017: Important things that you should know!

Hey guys!! I totally realize that I have only been gone for only three weeks but it feels like I've been gone for about 12 years! But I love it so much here! And I thought this would be the best way to tell you as quickly as possible (because we have 45 minutes of email time and I've spent half of it trying to read everything, thanks guys love you!!)

1. There is absolutely no air conditioning in the bed rooms so at night its best to try and move at least possible to hopefully lesson the amounts of crazy sweating that takes place. The top bunk by the door is the BEST bunk because it gets the most of the rotating fan time, laying in bed sweating at night you figure out the ratios of fan for each bed.. :)
2. If you really really really love the food here like I do its important to go hard during our 45 minute gym time haha!
They have a scale outside the cafeteria that everyone uses, its pretty funny! But the food here is INCREDIBLE! I love everything I eat, and may or may not get so excited for meals that I dance in line. The workers here may or may not call me sister Feliz (sister happy) and I may or may not have told the workers that I really love them and their food.. May or may not have... ;)
3. Candy makes everyone your best friend.
 My candy obsession has been taken to a whole new level here with all the new food, and you don't have to speak the same language to love candy together!
4. Work hard, set goals and realize that part of the dom da lingua (gift of tongues) involves struggling and relying so heavily on the Lord.
5. Don’t miss your family too much or you will end up wanting to punch the elders when they act like 13 year olds ;)
6. Walk the hard road, take the stairs, the view here is beautiful.
7. Love the Brazilians, because they already love you so so much!
These people are just amazing, they have so much love for everyone. Our teachers here are so great, they hug and kiss our cheeks every morning and work so hard with us. Irma Fabiana is so sweet she knows us all so well and has been such a blessing in my life I don’t think I could be doing so well without her!
8. IMPORTANT, The women aren’t actually kissing you, they are kissing the air next to you.
That took a bit of getting used too, but now I'm in the full swing of it and hugged and kissed all the new missionaries that showed up this week.
9. Companionship inventory is a game changer. It makes everything better, struggles still happen but its easier to get through it all together.
10. Remember that it isn't the language that brings people to the gospel its the love of God.
11. Remember that this isn’t about me, none of this is about me its about everyone else that I get to help.

I wish I had more time to write you all but they are about to kick me out of this room so I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you and am so grateful for your prayers and love. ITs so great here.

Also, Happy late birthday to Simon and Spencer and Happy early birthday to Carson! Love you all so much

mom- I got a bad computer that doesn’t let me do a group email, can you please forward this on to everyone else on the list? also.. Dying over the puppy! SO CUTE!! Miss you tons
dad- Just think of your daughter sweating to death in Brazil when you’re plowing the snow I'm sure it will make it better!

Love you all

Sister Garside


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