March 10, 2017: One month mark and COCKROACHES

So I made it to my one month mark as a missionary this week! woohoo! Time has really started to fly here, we are always moving and learning! The rest of my provo district surprised us (and the CTM workers) by showing up on a plane on Monday! We were all so happy, but then we realized that there was no way they would have left a district of 14 happen so we got split so I am in my third district in 4 weeks! The split was a little hard, we got new teachers, new rooms, new (fake) investigators and so that took a little adjusting to but we also got new friends! The Japanese speaking elders are next to us and they are soo fun! They all learned english from netflix and video games so we all just talk and laugh together and call it language study! ;) My Portuguese is coming I was able to do a whole temple session in Portuguese today so that was AMAZING! and tomorrow we load on a bus and they drive us to the busiest street in Sao Paulo and we get to give out Book Of Mormons for a few hours! I’m pretty excited to go do that, I have been practicing the phrase `please speak slower´ all week I think I´ll have to use that a lot! But I just love it, I love being a missionary! It’s hard, somedays when my companion is singing showtunes all day and the air conditioning stops working I want to die a little bit. But this work, and teaching and learning is the best thing, it makes me so happy. Happy enough to sing along to the terrible showtunes and happy enough to find the bright side of things when it rains cockroaches! They cleaned out the sewers the other day and there was sooo many cockroaches everywhere that they climbed the walls and were falling from the ceiling, It was bad, one almost landed in my hair, but it was fine, we laughed, took a long shower and were grateful that it only happens once a month!I love you all so much!love
Sister Garside


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