March 3, 2017: Wow, 3 weeks already!

Wow! I´m kind of blown away that I have been gone for 3 weeks! Some days it feels like I left home yesterday and sometimes I´m pretty sure that I have been gone for 12 years it’s so crazy here! So.. a little bit about this week,At the CTM here we get to go on splits with Brazilian missionaries three times a week. It super fun and super hard because when we teach together they talk like normal Brazilians which is SUPER FAST, like if I don’t pay attention for 2 seconds I have no idea what is going on, it is so fast. But its awesome, I love the Brazilians so much! My comp last week was Sister Brito! She’s not actually Brazilian, she is from Cape Verde so she and I just talked and talked about the little island country we love so much! She lived on Fogo island, so not one that I got to go to during my time there, but she was teaching me songs in Creole and  that was awesome! Also during all our lessons she would play with my hair which felt really good but then I would almost fall asleep during then lesson and that is really not good! My other Brazilian companion is sister Olivera! She is so sweet and shy, she’s only been a member for 2 years but she has such a strong testimony! funny story, after lunch one day we were talking and she knows about my candy love and so she pulled out something that kind of looked like candy and gave me one. It was an extra strength cough drop. Apparently Brazilians just eat cough drops here like candy... I smiled, chewed it as fast as I could and then got some juice haha!So I have about two minutes left but I wanted to  share with you guys something that has really helped me this week. We were in a workshop and they shared the scripture 1 Nephi 17:50-51. Nephi was called to build a boat and through his faith and trust in the lord he did it. I have been called to teach in Portuguese and sometimes I~´m pretty sure that I will never speak the language but through  my faith and trust in the Lord I can do anything He asks! I´ve gotta go! I love you all and I wish I had more time to reply to every email and share my love! ]Love you so much
Sister Garside


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